Dustin Waite



Dustin Waite,

I have been in love with business all my life. As a fifth generation salesman and business owner I was born having the opportunity to learn every aspect of business from a very early age. The skills I learned growing up lead me to create a number of small and online businesses throughout my time in school with my first brick and mortar business opening in Melbourne, Florida at the age of nineteen. Since then, I left that business after expanding to Orlando and learning some hard business lessons the fun way. Ouch! But it was while running that business that I meet Anna who has been by my side ever since.

With a gentle push I ended up in the solar industry where I went from a “bottom of the totem pole” lead generator to the marketing, sales, and operations manager in addition to running a small e-commerce business in my spare time because, well, -I’m a workaholic and the office was closed on weekends. When I would get off, I would often meet Anna's family for dinner where I met her brother Tuong. It was a while later when he finally approached me with his ideas about running his own company and I knew exactly what had to be done. A few days later we legally formed Salesiety Inc. and I have been extremely happy in my role there as chief operations officer.

In my spare time I listen to audiobooks on a large variety of topics ranging from science fiction, to philosophy and business/investing. I also make beer, go on walks with our puppy (more like child) Stella, play the occasional video game, invest in various markets, and work on my latest project: restoring a vintage motorcycle. I work tirelessly everyday to push myself and those around me further in life and never take anything for granted. You never know in life when everything around you could be gone so take some to smell the metaphorical roses, and always prepare for the future.