Heidi McKnight



Heidi McKnight,
QA Director

I’ve been doing Software Quality Assurance for about 6 years now. Prior to that I had about 10 years of experience with accounting, customer service and sales working for a small manufacturing company in Utah. I ran my own business for 5 years until the recession forced me to move to Florida where I happened get a job as a receptionist for a small software company. The lead mobile developer there was Tuong Vu. He took me under his wing and within a few months, I was promoted to Junior Developer. After the small company was bought by a larger company, I moved into QA where I thrived. I still do a little development but my passion is really for QA. I get paid to break things. How cool is that!!

I’ve been living in Tampa, Florida for a little over 6 years. I live with my Yorkie, Puka, and my cat, Daisy. Puka is my best friend and we are never apart. Currently, I work from home, but before that he would accompany me to my office. I am most productive when he is asleep on my lap. One of the best things about Florida is most restaurants have outdoor seating, and the best ones allow dogs.

In my spare time, I like to play video games. I’ve even been known to make a mod or two. I’ve recently began making coin rings, which has sparked a new passion for metal working. When I lived in Utah, I had a nice woodworking shop set up, but I haven’t had a chance to get it going again here in Florida. Mostly because I don’t have a garage.

Did I mention I have chickens? Yeah, 6 of them. I’m not your typical QA…